On acronyms and taglines: logo design 

The core of your visual identity is your logo. Hearts&Minds creates logos for organisations and events alike and does so in a wide range of styles.

It all starts with a thorough discussion of your needs and expectations, a list of recurrent questions and a clear roadmap for the new identity. What is the overall mood we want to transmit with the new logo? Do we opt for a catchy acronym or should we use the full name? Which elements should be preserved from the old logo? Should we opt for a tagline describing what the organisation does? 

We guide our clients through this complex process and actively participate in compiling a clear and practical briefing. In function of needs and budget we assign from 1 to 3 graphic designers to the logo design job. Like that we can offer proposals in a wide range of styles and moods. 

Once we have gone through feedback rounds and the logo is signed-off, we create a handy folder with the logo in source file and many common logo variants, ready to use.

Visual identity guidelines aka brand guidelines

We create identity guidelines both for existing logos as for new logos created by us. The guidelines’ mission is always to define key parameters of the visual identity and make sure the identity stays coherent over the course of time and in a multitude of environments (print, screen or web). 

It typically defines fonts and colours and establishes how your logo can (and cannot!) be used. Making use of clear examples and counter-examples it keeps the identity sharp and focused over the course of time. 

  • We always work on the basis of a table of contents, transmitted for approval. 
  • We layout and edit your guidelines and deliver them for print or web.  
  • We have created a very sizable number of identities for EU and international affairs organisations in Brussels and beyond.


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